Ann L. Beautiful,clean, spacious studio, great variety of classes, excellent instructors, fun workouts. What more could anyone want?

Jen S. I have tried numerous gyms and classes and have not found anything close to what Studio 321 offers. I have tried most of the classes and every single one has been amazing. I really look forward to these classes. Everyone is so welcoming and the energy is so good. There are people of all ranges that show up to the class, beginners all the way to people who look like that could run a class. And best of all it’s way more affordable than I thought was possible! I love it here.

Michelle E. Love 💕 the classes! Very welcoming atmosphere. Fabulous instructors that make it so much fun for everyone no matter level of experience. Very reasonable price especially if you go regularly. 5 stars across the board!

Melissa S. Finally ready to get back into the fitness regime and I decided to take classes instead of doing the same weight lifting workout I'm use to. Went in and signed up and didn't feel vulnerable at all! Everyone was nice and it felt like one big family! Loved the class and loved the feel of the whole place. Definitely going again.

Sara M. I moved to Palm Bay in 2017. I really wanted to begin working out but wanted a more intimate setting where I could meet people and make some friends. So my husband and I drove by this place a million times. Finally I stopped there and found out about all of the classes. I joined Studio 321 in January 2018. Alyce the owner is incredible. She welcomed me with open arms. I have met so many great people that I look forward to seeing every time I go to a class. This place offers so many different classes that workout every part of your body. My body has become so toned up. I am so glad I found this place and recommend to anyone who wants to do cardio, dancing, and weights and much more. Great fun

Whitney F. I was contemplating joining here only because I have anxiety and have a hard time trying new things. I'm so happy I did join. The women here are so amazing and nice and make you feel very comfortable. The classes are awesome and I never feel out of place even if I do miss a beat lol. I would highly recommend coming here.

Mari A. I have been attending fitness classes at the studio for ten years. The variety of classes have provided a challenging yet enjoyable workout experience. The owner always keeps the workouts fresh and enjoyable for all ages and abilities. This is not a's a gem. Nothing like it in Palm Bay!!!

Tonya W. I love Studio 321. I have been going to Yoga here for 11 weeks and Pilates for 5 weeks now. I added these classes to help me with weight loss and stress management. Since starting these classes I have lost a total of 36 pounds! They have a great support system and awesome instructors. They make the classes fun so I don't feel like it is a chore to attend. Everyone is so nice. They are laid back and make working out easy. I can't believe how much faster I am losing weight by joining these classes. I feel stronger and I am slowly building muscles! If I had more time to attend more classes I would!